If you are facing any issue with Your Linksys router then go through below given common FAQ for Linksys Router.

Q: – 1 I want to know how far my Wi-Fi signals can reach?

Ans: – Linksys wireless G routers Wi-Fi Signals can reach up to 328 feet or 100 meters.

Q: – 2 What kind of wireless security does Linksys Router make use of?

Ans: – Your Linksys router supports WPA Enterprise, RADIUS, WEP, WPA2 Personal, WPA2 Enterprise, Wireless MAC Filtering & WPA Personal.

Q: – 3 Do Linksys router has Restore & Backup Feature?

Ans: –Yes, Linksys router does have Restore & Backup Feature, to know more give us a call on the toll-free number.

Q: – 4 What is Linksys Router Default IP address, Login credentials?

Ans: – is Linksys router default IP address & Admin is default router password for Linksys router. If we talk about Username, it is supposed to be left blank.

Q: – 5 What if I Want to know the version & Model of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router? How can locate it?

Ans: –At the bottom of the Linksys router you will find the router model & version number. On the same place, you will also get the serial number of your Linksys device printed.

Q: – 6 How many types of LED does My Linksys router have?

Ans: –

  • Ethernet (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Power
  • WLAN
  • Internet
  • DMZ
  • Brand logo (SES)

To know the description of these LED, feel free to ask from Our Expert team.

Q: – 7 Can you tell me about the VPN Passthroughs of My Linksys Router?

Ans: –PPTP Passthrough, IPSec Passthrough & L2TP Passthrough.

Q: – 8 Is it Possible to control internet access in my Linksys router?

Ans: –Yes, you can arrange Access Restrictions via Linksys router web-based setup page. If you want to know more about it contact our team on Toll-free number.

Q: – 9 How can I Perform Reset on my Linksys router?

Ans: – For about 30 seconds press & hold the reset button on the rear of Linksys router. To perform reset on your Linksys router via router web-based setup page apply few steps. Firstly go to Administration tab then Sub Tab of Factory Defaults next click on click the Restore Factory Defaults button.

Q: – 10 List the number of Internet connection types Linksys router have?

Ans: –

  • PPTP
  • PPPoE
  • Telstra Cable
  • Static IP
  • Automatic IP Configuration – DHCP
  • L2TP

Q: – 11 In Linksys WRT54GS Model What is AP Isolation & what is its use?

Ans: –AP Isolation generates a distinct simulated network for your wireless network. Once you enable this feature, your each device gets its individual virtual network & Stop communicating with each other. Do you want to use this feature, Due to a number of frequent guests on your wireless network? If yes, then talk to our experts about enabling this feature.

Q: –12 How can I reconfigure the wireless security settings on my Linksys router?

Ans: –Know more about resetting & Changing the network password, security key of Linksys router, place call on our Toll-free number.