If you are facing any issue with Your Linksys router then go through below given common FAQ for Linksys Router.

Q: – 1) I am new to Linksys router can you brief what is Linksys Connect in Linksys Router?

Ans: –

  • Linksys connect is software which offers powerful tools to manage home network.
  • These powerful tools are Guest access,Advanced settings Security Settings and Parental Control.
  • User can install Linksys connect via setup CD which comes with every Linksys wi-fi router ac1900.
  • Once the user installed it, it will keep working automatically in future.

Q: – 2) Is it true that Linksys Connect softwareget updated automatically?

Ans: – Linksys Connect software prompts the user, whenever software detects software or firmware update.

Q: – 3) What if I wish to download Linksys Connect software, can I do that?

Ans: –

  • Yes, off course search your Linksys router model on router official website and download the software.

Q: – 4 What type of Advanced settings a Linksys router e2500 provide to its user?

Ans: – Your Linksys e2500 includes wireless network name (SSID), wireless encryption or gaming applications, and lots more. Use can configure or use these advanced setting by web-based setup page of Linksys router.

Q: – 5Is there any method by which I can check how many and which device are connected to my Linksys EA2750 N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router?

Ans: –

  • You can access DHCP Client Table on your LinksysEA2750 N600 router web based setup page.
  • You can also identify the devices that are connected to the router.

Q: – 6Can I setup my Linksys E900 N300 Wi-Fi Router by using Linksys Connect software?

Ans:- Yes you can, to know the steps, call our customer care representative today on the toll-free number 1800-810-8012.

Q: – 7) What is Linksys EA6900 AC1900 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router, name and password?

Ans: –

  • Your Linksys router comes with a secretive network for your home devices and computers.
  • By using Linksys EA6900 router,you can share one Internet connection & can interconnect with one another.
  • Share media files, printer and images and many more.
  • So, to get connect with wireless devices and computers over wireless network, user requires router name & password. It keeps away unwanted, uninvited users from your network.

Contact us to know more about Linksys EA6900 router name and password.

Q: – 8)Where can I find the Linksys EA6700 AC1750 Router serial number?

Ans: –

  • You can locate router serial number printed on the sticker below the device.
  • User can also locate Linksys EA6700 AC1750 Router serial number via web-based setup page. Simply, click on the Troubleshooting and then Status or Report.

Q: -9) What can I do if my wireless network performance is sluggish, undergoes from weak signal,uneven or can’t maintain VPN connection?

Ans: –

  • Radio frequencies get used by wireless technology as a medium for connecting to device. So, when your network becomes slow it indicates that distance get increased between devices.
  • Obstruction creates Wireless signal interferencebetween devices which slows down the network performance.

Q: – 10)How can I reset Linksys WRT54GLto factory defaults?

Ans: –

  • You can resetLinksys WRT54GL to factory defaults by two methods.
  • Software Reset: –Simply, login to Linksys Cloud Account. Go for Router Settings and click on the Troubleshooting and click Diagnostics.After this, Click Reset below Factory reset.

To know moreregarding Hardware Reset place call on our toll-free number.

Q: – 11)Even after resetting the Linksys EA6900 AC1900, I can’t open the setup page. What should I do?

Ans: –

  • You can troubleshoot the issue by these points.
  • Open a web browser.
  • Type web address myrouter.local Or IP address of the router, into address bar.
  • Just in case, your computer has a static IP address, ensure it consistvalid DNS numbers. If it doesn’t set the computer to acquire an IP Address by default.

Q: – 12) What is the Key feature of Linksys RE3000W?

Ans: –

  • Linksys RE3000W has2x2 MIMO Internal antennas.
  • WPSWi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • Only 2.4 GHz band 802.11n
  • It also has One (1) 10/100 auto-MDIX Ethernet port
  • Submissive with 802.11 b/g/n

Q: – 13) Tell me the default username/password and IP AddressI can use to login into Linksys RE6500?

Ans: –

  • Default IP address for Linksys RE6500 is
  • Username field supposed to be left blank and enter admin in Password field.

Q: – 14) What do I require before setting up Linksys RE6300 AC750?

Ans: –

  • Working 2.4 GHz wireless network connection.
  • A Password oraSecurity Key.
  • Wireless Network Name which is also known as (SSID).
  • Resetting the extender, this option is optional.

Q: – 15) Is Linksys WRT1900AC router support SPI firewall?

Ans: – Yes, off course, your Linksys WRT1900AC router do have support for SPI firewall.

Q: – 16) Tell me the number of guest networks that can be add up inLinksys WRT1900AC?

Ans: –

  • You can add upto (2) Guest networks for both the bands.
  • Visitors at your home network can only access the internet, not the local access.