Linksys EA6500 Setup

Linksys EA6500 Setup has number high-quality router that is loaded with great features and advanced settings. The Linksys router that we today discuss is a latest smart wifi router from Linksys brand. This high-speed router supports the 802.11ac standard on its 5GHz frequency band.

It is a good router that offers firm performance and tons of cloud-based features. Your wifi enabled devices can enjoy speeds of up to N450 + AC1300 Mbps. So, if you dreamy of wifi connectivity all day long Linksys EA6500 router is for you. We will provide you all required information for this device on this page.

All you need is go to this blog and note down your queries related to this device. Apart from the important information, we will also guide you in Linksys EA6500 Setup dual-band wifi router. So, if you thinking to replace your old saggy router then this is your day to accomplish the task. Let’s get started with the features of the Linksys EA6500 Setup dual-band wifi router.

Features of Linksys EA6500 Dual-Band Wifi Router

Wireless-AC technology

  • Linksys EA6500 Dual-Band Wifi Router is loaded with primary 802.11ac wireless technology.
  • Give the user a home theater experience with maximum speed & range by generating an ultra-powerful network.
  • Finally, Connect your devices and computers, game consoles, internet ready TVs and smartphones with Linksys EA6500.

Linksys Smart Wifi

  • Linksys Smart Wifi is a free feature come with your Linksys EA6500 Setup.
  • It helps in controlling and managing your home network.
  • You can setup your home network with Linksys Smart Wifi app in minutes.
  • Customize your home network and enables smart features such as Guest Access, device prioritization, and Parental control.

Advanced Wireless Security Features

  • No Router can protect your home network until it has advanced features like wireless WPA/WPA2 encryption & an SPI firewall.
  • Now keep away Wi-Fi idlers & Internet risks at distance by using advanced features of Linksys EA6500 Setup.
  • Stay tension-free regarding network protection with SPI firewall and WPA/WPA2 encryption.

Quick & Easy Setup

  • In addition, use free Linksys Smart Wifi app to setup your Home network.
  • In other words, your any Smartphone, IOS device, and iPhone can be used to setup Linksys EA6500 Dual-Band Wifi Router.
  • As no setup CD and additional software needed to Setup Linksys smart wifi router.

Built-in USB Ports & DLNA Media Server

  • With USB port you can add-on external USB drive to the network & share files at home or over the Internet.
  • The router comes with built-in DLNA media server to seamlessly streaming of video and media files.
  • Now, You can also connect a USB printer and share it through the network.

How to Setup Linksys EA6500 via Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Setup Wizard?

  • Make sure you have required web browser & operating system for Linksys router setup.
  • Ensure you also have a Linksys router, A Pc with an Ethernet port, Setup CD. You can also download the Setup Software and No. 2 Ethernet/Internet (RJ-45) cables.
  • If your Pc doesn’t have wireless capability, connect your computer straightforwardly to the router by using Ethernet cable.
  • Next, verify your internet connection.
  • Now, put Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Setup CD in your PC CD drive and get started with Linksys EA6500 Setup.