Linksys EA9500 Setup

Linksys has also added another impressive router to its list, renowned for its high-speed and creative products. The Linksys EA9500 Setup max-stream AC5400 MU-MIMO gigabit Wi-Fi router can provide several devices with high-speed Internet at the same time. Linksys EA9500 Setup features are given below.


  • In the first place Linksys EA9500 router comes with Next-Gen Wireless-AC technology.
  • Delivers high-speed internet supposing your every device has their individual router.
  • Use Linksys EA9500 router at home for office work and experience never like before video conferencing. Also do fast file transmission, when other family members streaming 4k videos another side.

 Seamless Roaming

  • As a matter of fact Linksys EA9500 router offers Seamless Roaming, no matter where you move into your home.
  • Seamless Roaming enables your devices to automatically receive the durable Wi-Fi signal. No need to manually get connects to your router or extender.

Easy Linksys ea9500 Setup

  • By the same token use your Linksys Smart Wi-fi router to setup your home network.
  • You can download Linksys Smart Wi-fi app to setup Linksys ea9500 router.
  • Access Linksys ea9500 Setup to manage your home wi-fi from your smartphone.

1.4 GHz Dual-Core, Central Processing Unit (CPU)

  • Download large files in a matter of seconds with powerful 1.4 GHz Dual-Core CPU in Linksys EA9500 Setup.
  • Proficient in controlling several high-speed data streams simultaneously enjoy Faster Wi-Fi speeds on a number of devices.

Advanced Security Features

  • The router is equipped with WPA/WPA2 encryption and an SPI firewall.

Smart Connect

  • Give router the flexibility, ability, and intellect to allocate a 5 GHz client to any two wireless radios on the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band for greater performance
  • Directs wireless devices to detach & rejoin to the other radio inside the 5 GHz band.

8 High-Performance Antennas

  • The router has eight flexible external antennas that deliver great streams of data.
  • Delivers four synchronized streams each band.
  • Eight flexible external antennas provide Wi-Fi exposure all over your home.

Step for Linksys ea9500 Setup

  • If you have any router, replace it by disconnecting it.
  • Position your router antennas in an upright position and then plug it in your router, not to forget pressing the power switch.
  • First, connect internet cable to your modem to internet port of the Linksys router. Wait until the Linksys logo starts blinking.
  • Now connect to network name given in the Quick Setup guide comes along with Linksys router.
  • Open a web browser to start up the setup of Linksys Smart Wi-fi router.

Troubleshoot Tips

As an illustration, there are times when the user gets issue while accessing Linksys router, in that case, you can try Linksys troubleshooting tips. We are about to mention few tips to help you out. Go through these tips, or if you still have an issue, ask our team for further assistance.

  • To fix this issue, click on computer desktop on the wireless icon. This will display accessible networks.
  • Next, click on the name of your network and then connect.
  • If it asks for any network or security key or password, provide the essentials and click on OK.

So, if you still have any query left for Linksys ea9500 Setup, get connected with our team today.