Linksys RE9000 Setup

Linksys brand new RE9000 MU-MIMO Range Extender is following the footsteps of famous Tri-Band Wi-fi Range Extender. Linksys RE9000 Setup is the second tri-band”/three-radio Wi-Fi extender that impressed internet users worldwide. As this is a dual-band range extender which has dedicated Backhaul for providing speeds 3 times faster than other Dual-Band range extenders. So, eliminate weak wifi signals from the home network and boost wifi connectivity to the larger extent with Linksys RE9000. Before we get into further details of Linksys extender, check few key features of the Range Extender.

Chief Features of Linksys RE9000 MU-MIMO Range Extender

Boost Wifi Range & Eliminates Dead Zones

  • Get rid of Dead zones and provide high-speed internet connectivity to hard reach areas.
  • Extend the Next-Gen AC Wi-Fi connection, stream internet from anyplace such as bedroom, backyard or garage.
  • Provide blazing AC3000 Wi-Fi speeds to your Blu-ray Disc players, smartphones and Smart TVs.
  • Potent amplifiers & four high-performance external antennas give maximum coverage and speed to a number of devices.

Seamless Roaming

  • Now, access the internet from everywhere by Seamless Roaming features.
  • Your devices can switch to strongest wifi signals.
  • Pair your Max-Stream Router with Linksys RE9000 MU-MIMO Range Extender and get efficient home Wi-Fi & signals on every device.

Universal Compatibility

  • Your Linksys RE9000 MU-MIMO Range Extender is compatible with every wifi router and ISP gateway.
  • No need to make any modification to router setting, while installing the Linksys RE9000 MU-MIMO Range Extender.

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3X Faster Than Dual-Band

  • Linksys RE9000 comes with devoted Backhaul Technology.
  • Backhaul delivers 3X faster speed against other Dual-Band. It also maximizes Wi-Fi speeds, allocates dedicated 5 GHz Wi-Fi band to your router.
  • Moreover, Band Steering by default guides associated devices to the faster and least crowded Wi-Fi band.

Easy Setup Option in Linksys RE9000

  • Setup extender by two methods, Push Button Connect feature and Simple setup.
  • Use Spot Finder Technology to place your extender at an ideal location.
  • Spot Finder Technology Make sure extender won’t get placed too close or far from the router.

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Steps to Setup Linksys RE9000 to Range Extender Mode

As we mentioned above, you can Linksys RE9000 Setup as an access point or as a Range Extender. We are providing basic steps to Linksys RE9000 Setup as a range extender. Prior setup, make sure you have the following things with you.

  • A tablet or a computer with Wi-Fi Faculty.
  • Your current Dual-Band wireless router or access point.
  • Wi-Fi name and password for your present wifi network.

Method for Setting Up Linksys RE9000

  • Switch on the Linksys RE9000 and wait until light indicator starts blinking in orange color.
  • Make use of a wireless device, next locate and connect it to the Wi-Fi of Linksys RE9000 Setup.
  • When it gets connected, launch a web browser on your computer or wireless device.
  • Type web address in order to start up the setup.

Troubleshoot the Linksys RE9000 Wi-Fi Issue

Issue: – I am unable to find the Linksys Extender Setup on my Wi-Fi list? What should I do?

Solution: – First check if the indicator light on the front panel of Linksys RE9000 blinks in orange color.

  • If you still can’t view the network setup, move the device closer to the extender.
  • You have to wait for the indicator light to start blinking in orange color and then refresh the Wi-Fi list.